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Calculate your POWER Ranges.

The Aerobic range training is essential for all distance runners. This is where you develop your basic cardiovascular endurance. Aerobic training should comprise 80% of total training volume. With vPOWER for the first time you can easily track this training volume.
The Threshold range training includes your critical power level. Your Critical Power for most runners is close to your best 5k race power output. Training at threshold will improve your lactate threshold and endurance and should comprise approximately 10% of your total training volume. With POWER for the first time you can easily track this training volume.
The VO2max range training is close to your 5 minute best power output. Training in the VO2max range will improve your cardiovascular performance including increasing blood volume and cardiac output. VO2max range training should comprise approximately 10% of your total training volume. With POWER for the first time you can easily track this training volume.
In practice using 3 ranges makes your workouts easy to follow and provides all the training adaptions you need for slow twitch, intermediate twitch, and fast twitch muscle fibers while stimulating both lactate threshold and cardiovascular adaptions. 
"Training using just three POWER ranges simplifies your workouts and is all you need to become a great endurance runner."
What is my Critical Power?
Your critical power is the best average power you can produce for 20 minutes. For many people this is close to their 5k best Power it is the top of your threshold range.
How to find your CP using Power2run
and Golden Cheetah
Select your running surface track/road/trail warm up 5-10 minutes then. Complete the following two timed segments.
  • Sprint for 30-40 seconds.
Rest 2-5 minutes with some walking or easy jogging then
  • Run for 3 minutes as fast as you can.
We recommend testing on a track. Cool down and Upload the file to Golden Cheetah
In Golden Cheetah Go to the CP tab choose more...
Select all chart settings
Select model and 3 parameter
Change search interval anaerobic to 10 and 180 (seconds)
Change search interval aerobic to 180 and 3600 (seconds)
The graph will now display your current estimated Critical Power (CP). This is the amount of power you can generate for a "well paced" 5k race.
  • Your CP is the upper limit of your Threshold range.
  • CP x 1.2 is the upper limit for your VO2max range.
  • CP x 0.8 is the upper limit for your Aerobic range.
TEST every month it takes less than 5 minutes!
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