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Intermediate 5k-10k training plan (12 Weeks) 

Description: This training plan is designed for experienced runners looking to improve their 5k or 10k performances. The plan is balanced with time spent in aerobic (80%), threshold (10%) and VO2max ranges (10%). Feel free to add more aerobic running if you prefer higher training volumes. This training plan also works well for cross country runners or trail runners when training on hilly terrain.

You will need to purchase the vPOWER App to complete this training plan and it is important that you download and record your runs using GoldenCheetah or similar training tracker.

Steps to a good performance:

  • Always consult with a health professional to make sure you are healthy enough to begin a new exercise plan!


Option 1: Use your latest 1 mile or 5k race/test result to calculate your Aerobic, Threshold and VO2max power ranges using our handy calculator found here --->


Option 2: Run a CP test (Complete a 3 minute interval and a 30 second all out interval) and follow the instructions to find your three ranges here --->


Option 3: Set your three zones by feel.  Your Aerobic range should feel "Easy", your threshold range should feel "Hard" and your VO2Max range "Very hard!"


  • Record your vPOWER every run and save those numbers in GoldenCheetah. Try to generate a little more vPOWER every week.

  • Complete as many intervals as you can in the correct power range.

  • When you run make sure to maximize your time in the correct training zones. You should start out at the low end of the ranges for the first few weeks and transition to the higher end over time.


This plan is designed to provide balanced  aerobic and anaerobic stimulus if you prefer higher training volumes feel free to add more aerobic paced running!

Always Obey the three LAW's OF RUNNING which are................

  • DON'T GET INJURED!!!! (if it hurts REST)

  • DON'T GET INJURED!!!! (if it hurts REST)

  • and DON'T GET INJURED!!!! (if it hurts REST)

Sample of the first 3 weeks 

The 12 week plan coming soon! 

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