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How to Analyze your runs

-Press STOP on your Power2run App

-Premium Users Email your summary data pwx

file to your computer.

Download your data

-Download the vPOWER.tcx file.

Import to Training Peaks


Drag and drop the .tcx file onto your TP calendar.

Analyze the Run.

Power and speed will be overlayed on your altitude data.

Import to Golden Cheetah

Import from file.

Select  date and save.

Review your run details

View the run

View the Critical Power graph

Add a 3 parameter model

with anaerobic interval
set to 10-160 seconds
and aerobic interval
set to 160-3600 seconds.
You can now see your
current Critical Power (CP)
CP is close to Training Peaks** FTP.
For runners your critical power is the top of your Threshold range and is your
best estimated 5k power.
Use CP to set the top of your Aerobic range = 0.8 x CP
and the top your
VO2max range = 1.2 x CP

​**Training Peaks is a trademarked name Inspyridon is in no way affiliated with Training Peaks Inc.
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